Colston Biblio

An identity built on the dichotomy of digital and analog passions


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After spending over 20 years developing a national reputation in the wine and restaurant industries, sommelier Matty Colston decided it was time to create a wine label that was uniquely his. With this, Colston Biblio was born.

Colston Biblio’s visual identity takes cues from Matty’s love for travel, food, wine, and electronic music. The look and feel gives the bottle a unique “digital-first” appearance that is rarely seen in the wine industry. In addition to winemaking, Colston Biblio catalogs Matty’s travels, cultural perspectives, and food and wine adventures.

Colston Biblio CB001 - Wine Bottle Package Design
Colston Biblio CB001 - Typography
Colston Biblio CB001 - Product Photography
Colston Biblio CB001 - Inspiration
Colston Biblio CB001 - Website Design
Colston Biblio CB001 - Website Design

CB001, the brand’s first release, was launched in 2019 and is currently distributed across four states.

Colston Biblio CB001 - Brand Design